Essay on Business Ethics

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Unethical business research lacks moral principles, and those, who follow such acts, were unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct. That is what took place in a study that involved more than 1,300 premature infants. Twenty-three participating medical centers performed Surfactant, Positive Pressure, and Oxygenation Randomized Trial (SUPPORT) on the newborns. SUPPORT is a case study that is performed on premature infants that receive different levels of oxygen to help the children survive. The health and safety of the children should have been number one but, unfortunately, this unethical research had infant's lives at stake.
The review of twenty-two consent forms for the SUPPORT trial reveals that none of the forms complied with
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They were educationally and economically disadvantaged, had little understanding of the complexities of standard care provided to extremely premature babies whose survival depends on carefully calibrated life-support interventions such as oxygen supplementation.
The twenty-three medical centers, that have showed such unethical practice, have earned bad reputations. A lawsuit has been filed against the University of Alabama on behalf of 5 premature infants who were enrolled at that University in the SUPPORT experiment; the parents claim negligence and failure to inform them about the risks. The suit seeks class-action status. (Sharav, 2013). The trial design was unethical researcher's randomly assigned infants to two groups, with half receiving an oxygen concentration on the low end, 85% to 89%, and the other half to receiving 91% to 95%, on the high conclude with no regard for the infants' individual clinical condition. (Sharav, 2013)
The unethical behavior could have been avoided first and foremost treating the infants with the proper care that they needed and deserved. No one should suffer for any experiment. If the consent forms stated the possible outcome such as death or blindness so that the parents are aware many of the malpractice cases would have been decreased. It is very unfortunate for this instance to have happened. Unethical practice examples exist, but it is

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