Essay about Business Ethics : Marketing Ethics

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Many of us expect business people to be wise with their decisions, consistent with

their schedules, and fully aware of unexpected happenings. One of Main Street, New York’s

article, Business Ethics 101 in 2013, by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, talks about the advantages and

disadvantages of the business field. Kansas State University’s Chair of the business ethics

initiative, Diane Swanson, describes how she believes that the ethics are similar to the traditional

developments in life. New England College of Business and Finance President, Howard E.

Horton, implied that work fields aren’t only affected by the original evolutionary process but also

at how social media participates in everyday lives. Businesses are becoming more conscious of

the media’s say on their occupations, therefore they’re adjusting their morals to improve their

working habits.

Business ethics indicates the process between the rights and wrongs in companies.

Corporate Directors, Bosses, Managers, and employees throughout the years noticed that the way

they displayed their businesses had affect their system. Since early 1900s until now, scandalous

and selfish situations had happen to most employees from different companies, which lead the

economy to take action. Frauds begun to happen, unfair salary became a problem or as said in,

10 Common Bad Habits in Business: Avoid These Traps, by Ronda Bowen, false promises had

been made, favoritism causes employee to step down from their…

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