Essay on Business Ethics Code Of Ethics

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Business - Code of Ethics:
Revera Health Systems is a Canadian owned corporation, founded in 1961. Revera partners with Welltower and Sunrise Senior Living to provide care for more than 500 locations across Canada and the USA. These locations include, senior apartments, independent living, assisted living, memory care, long term care and skilled nursing facilities. (Revera Inc., 2015) Revera Health Systems code of ethics states the following…
“At Revera Health Systems, our mission is to provide the finest quality health care, rehabilitative and support services to our residents and their families.
Our care approach is patient-centered and involves an integrated program of therapies that address the total well-being of our patients. For each resident, our centers create an individual care plan and assemble a care team that may include specialists from several areas. The goal is to design a course of treatment and therapy that best meets the needs of the resident.” (Revera Health Systems, 2011)

The tone used in Revera Health Systems code of ethics gives the impression that the organization strives to meet the needs of their customers. It gives the impression that the company focus is the health and well being of each individual patient. It sounds as though there is a high standard of care expected for all patients and families. Although it does not give details of what exactly is expected or how this code will be measured, it does give the impression that Revera Health…

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