Business Ethics - Assume That It Is Morally Wrong for a Person to Use Napster’s Website and Software to Make a Copy of Copyrighted Music Who Then World Be Morally Responsible for This Person’s Wrong Doing

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1. Analyze the ethics of marketing Publius using utilitarianism, rights, justice, and caring. In your judgement, is it ethical to market Publius? Explain

2. Are the creators of Publius in any way morally responsible for any criminal acts that criminals are able to carry out and keep secret by relying on Publius? Is AT &T in anyway morally responsible for these? Explain your answers.

3. In your judgment, should governments allow the implementation of Publius? Why or why not?

1.In your judgment, is it wrong, from an ethical point of view, for the auto companies to
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Would this need factor justify paying females more than males? Why? Suppose for the sake of argument that men were better at selling than women, would this justify different salaries?

3. If you think the managers of the Robert Hall store should pay their male and female clerks equal wages because they do “substantially the same work” then do you also think that ideally each worker’s salary should be pegged to the work he or she individually performs (such as by having each worker sell on commission)? Why? Would a commission system be preferable from a utilitarian point of view considering the substantial book keeping expenses it would involve? From the point of view of justice? What does the phrase substantially the same mean to you?

1) What are the legal issues involved in this case, and what are the moral issues? How are the two different kinds of issues different from each other, and how are they related to each other? Identify and distinguish the “systemic, corporate and individual issues” involved in this case.

2) In your judgment, was it morally wrong for Shawn Fanning to develop and release his technology to the world given its possible consequences? Was it morally wrong for an individual to use Napster’s website and software to copy for free the copy righted music on another person’s hard drive? If you believe it was

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