Business Ethics And Marketing Ethics Essay

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The business ethics perspective analyzes business ethics problems as a conflict between the prima facie duty of profitability and some other prima facie duty of corporate citizenship. This analysis identifies the profitability issue and the corporate citizenship issue, considers all relevant deliberation data, then arrives at a conclusion concerning the actual duty in this case. Marketing ethics is a major issue in the business. The product and promotion of the marketing 4Ps are the major concern for business ethics. It is very important the product should be beneficial to customers and fulfill their needs and wants. It is very important for businesses to know that their products are not harming consumers and benefiting them. The promotion should not be misleading because it can affect a company’s trust and reputation. Therefore, the business ethics perspective is related to marketing ethics because it shows the actual duties for marketing and an advertisement should not be misleading.
The Ross-Garrett model for moral decision making is a business ethics concept which helps in making an ethical decision in the businesses. The Ross-Garrett model is a set of 13 prima facie duties which are helpful for making good decision making, and it is also called The Baker’s Dozen. Ross has assigned eight duties which were expanded eleven by Garrett and later on two more universal duties were added to this model. The seven Ross’s duties include; fidelity, reparation, gratitude, justice,…

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