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Contents Introduction 2 Task 1- Understand the Organisational Purposes of Business 2 A) The main purposes of business 2 Local councils 2 Small businesses: 3 Multinational corporations 4 British Telecom 5 B) Stakeholder Influence Map for BT 6 C) Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibilities for BT 8 Task 2- The economic, social and global environment 9 A) Real Life Example on command, free enterprise system and a mixed economy 9 Example one 9 Example two 10 Example three 10 B) The Effect of Government Fiscal and Monetary Policy 11 Physical policy: 11 Monetary policy: 13 C) Competition Policy 13 Task 3- The Behaviour of Organisation in their Market Environment 14 A) Market Structure Types 14 …show more content…
It is typically a business with limited number of employee and usually they have small place compare with big business.
The capital of small business is limited while the big company is huge budget, small business can be as partnerships and also it can be as corporations in the form of bakeries shops, restaurants and grocery shops and other small shops; however the employee should be under 50 according to the European Union. The main purposes are to make maximise profit and to served people.
For example :


Ryman is a small business for stationary purposes ,where they provide all necessary items for student as well as administrators.
The company aim to deal with all suppliers who are deal with ethical trading, so that it can be more helpful for the environment by selling friendly environmental products.
Moreover Ryman put some plan to make their customer satisfied; they decided to provide additional services such as: * Photocopier machines * Document binding * laminating * Fax service * Photo booth

The purposes of Ryman is as follows: * To provide the best customer service * To gain the customer trust by delivering the best quality item

Multinational corporations

Multinational corporations (MNC) are a group of companies who are cooperation to operate outside their countries, however it is managed or headquarters from one place only,

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