Essay about Business Environment : Arriva Company

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Arriva company was founded in 1938 by Cowie family in Sunderland as a (second-hand motorcycle shop).The company started to become bigger during the 90th, especially in 1997 by making its first deal in mainland Europe. Nowadays, Arriva is controlled by Deutsche Bahn and they became one of the leaders on transport market in Europe. Moreover, the company has around 54,500 employees who are serving in 14 various countries in Europe. They transport around 2 billion passenger through year. Arriva offers to their customers numerous ways to transport by having a lot of services for example: inter-urban commuter coaches, trams and light rail, water buses, local buses, train and airport transport services and other things. Arriva sales has been accelerated by 12.5 per cent to reach £3.3 billion, more than that the profit of the company expanded by 9.9 per cent to be £373 million. (Arriva, N/A)(Martin B., 2014)

Business Environment:

Any business could be affected by the external environmental factors which are divided into six factors economic, social, technology, political, legal and environmental. Businesses cannot change these factors; however they must adapt them to be success in their competitive market. First of all, the economic environment which consists of numerous factors. For instance: Gross Domestic Product, Profit earning rate etc. It has a quick impact on the business which means that if any changes happened in the economic environment business must…

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