Business Environment And Its Impact On The Business World Essay

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Corporations operating in today’s business environment leverage every available asset at their disposal to create a competitive edge over their counterparts. Among the most powerful and adaptable of these assets is their employees. A common quote employed by many successful leaders, one of which being Richard Branson, states “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” But what if those employees become so incapable of effective communication that they diminish your firm’s brand and reputation?

It is no coincidence that with the advent of cellular phone text messaging, we have seen a decreased capacity for communication, especially in written forms that are essential to business operations. It is my assertion that these forms of auto-corrected communication have adversely impacted general communication skills in the business world, mostly in part because it has reduced the level of effort required to communicate in writing, and thus has made people lazy when it pertains to the employment of the written form of English. Although there are many forms of technological means of compensating for poor written communication skills, all schools should refocus their efforts on literacy and withhold graduation from those who cannot pass a fundamental literacy exam, as the erosion of these skills is an existential threat to our workforce.

How Important is Communication in Business?
This seemingly innocuous and obvious question is easily answered:…

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