Essay on Business Dispute

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Discrimination issues
Juan Perez
October 29, 2015
Patrice Carrington, Instructor Business dispute
We realize the civil lawsuit of Rose Hills filed against Grupo Deco California in California State court. Grupo Deco California’s legal structure is recognized as Limited Liability Company and Rose Hills has a Corporation legal structure. Rose Hills has a variety of business which includes the operation of Funeral homes and cemeteries in southern California. Rose Hills gets an agreement to lease one of their Funeral homes (San Fernando Funeral Home) to Grupo Deco California.
Legal form of Business
Both Grupo Deco California and Rose Hills have a Corporation as their legal structure. A Corporation is one of the most
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Company pays taxes based on profits and shareholders pay based on dividends.
Rose Hills v. Grupo Deco
Rose Hills made a leasing agreement with Grupo Deco California regarding the funeral home located in 1001 Notrth Maclay San Fernando California 91340. After three years of the commencing of the lease, Grupo Deco California started to struggle with the day to day operations of the company. Somehow, though, the financial situation of Grupo Deco was very unstable and started to delay the monthly rent payments to Rose Hills.

Relationship Oriented Leader Behavior
Relationship-oriented behavior on leaders refers to the leader day to day interaction with his or her team. This type of leadership emphasizes in creating better work relationship among the team members and between leader and followers. Leaders are providing advice to followers, mentoring them and giving them guidance are some of the characteristics of this type of leadership.
The three kinds of Relationship-oriented behaviors are Consideration, Empowering Leadership and Servant Leadership. Consideration leadership implies mutual respect and trust, and it’s focused on the team members’ desires and needs. Empowering leadership behavior shows that employees have control of their work based on the perception of psychological empowerment. Servant Leadership is focused on servicing others instead of oneself by reaching goals and objectives for both

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