Essay about Business Consulting

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Business Consulting
Justin E. Foster
Due: September 07, 11:59 PM
Instructor: Dr. Harvey McDonnell
University of Phoenix

Business Consulting In today’s business environment, a business consultant can be used in a variety of ways. One could argue that the positioning of the business being consulted, the subject matter in which being consulted on, and the maturity of the company could be all factors in how a business consultant could and should be utilized. In the paragraphs that follow, I will attempt to give my own vision and explanation of a business consultant as I’ve observed their utilization and provide and provide an overview of their roles and responsibilities as
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While the project was ultimately implemented, it only lasted about two years. After two years, the management team decided to go in a different direction. This leads me to likely the most important function of a business consultant – Listening. Listening is by far the most important function of a management/business consultant. This important skill is necessary throughout each step of the consulting process. In my opinion, the reason that the project (not the consulting) ultimately failed was that the group of consultants did not listen to employees at all levels of the organization on their wants and needs in a performance management process. Without active listening skills, primarily to senior level management, throughout all levels of the organization a consulting project likely will not be successful. In the most generic sense, a business consultant may compile reports and conduct research as required by management, project manage and direct the project or projects that they are assigned, and write a final recommendation based on research and expertise to present to the management team. A consultant needs strong Technical Skills. The business needs to have confidence that the consultant has background or expertise in the

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