Business Concept Of Pickhighschools. Com Essays

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Business Concept of We are very thankful to present the business concept, The vision we have for this website is to become a popular problem solver for a lot of students and their parents. is designed to help its users figure out this question: Which high school should we go to ? We all know that it’s not easy to make such a decision. High school is an important stage in our life, which has significant meanings to a lot of people. Kids anticipate their high school-life by having all sorts of plans and expectation. In this case, there is inevitable pressure to take when it comes to making the right choice. Imaging how disappointing it is when your kids end up in the wrong place, finding himself not fitting to what is around. It happens because parents and students are usually not provided with the accurate information when they learn about high schools. That is the motive for us to come up with this idea. You may think this problem don’t exist very often, but it does, typically among the international students who came all the way to the States. I transferred schools last year for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that the school I chose in the beginning did not appear as the same as people told me before. I felt strongly disappointed, and I hoped I could have some more validate information when I was deciding which school to go to. Many international students wants to get into good universities…

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