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In this study of business communication, I chose to study in Britain Trade Organization called "UNISON" in the organization's business communication process. I want to elaborate on their communications systems internally and externally of the organization and what type of obstacles encountered by the organization as well as the solution to overcome these obstacles to reach a goal of successful internal and external communication. Unison is once the Britain’s biggest trade organization. There are

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There are issues to be addressed include a lot of disputes, legal matters, pensions and discussion. UNISON’s website supports information on health and safety regulations, promotional materials and a variety of related information. All information can be downloaded from the UNISON easily. For example, greeting to unison is packed channel for everyone, Stratification conditions and protection from the physical building ingenious. DVD has introduced a method to increase the way to contact with member.
UNISON has his own established procedures for formal communication. First, members will have their branches in their Advisory. If you need to move forward and then consult the delegation from the limbs together again in twelve months of workshops, seminars and opinions on the same program. Broadsheet- foundation, electronic communications, access, and some members of the conference is also the position taken as a formal communications. UNISON also provides information communication journal catalog and this is an official family law. The authorized official communications branch members to solve the problem. Owners and their representatives with an informal communication, understanding their life support. Although, this type of communication is not officially exist under unified contribute to solve the problem.
UNISON wants to establish an effective communication system, which will reduce
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