Business Communication in Toyota Essay

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1. Introduction
In Toyota Motors Corporation there are several communication methods by which employees share their ideas, information, opinions and feelings. The following are some of the methods of internal communication: news-letter, face to face, notice board, memo, e-mail, telephone, text messages, and instant messaging. The sharing ideas, information, opinions and feelings contribute to the operations of teams and the work of individuals within the corporation.
I will suggest about four methods of two-way internal communication. 2. Vertical Communications Vertical Communication is the communication between those who are on different levels of authority within the company. For example, manager to employee, general manager to
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Define or reinforce the relationship between people and provide feedback to the other person. For example, nodding and shaking are also important techniques when listening to the other person speaks. It shows that to use nodding and shaking can presented you are listening and you can understand what the speaker is talking anything. 5. Meta-communications
Meta-communications is a good special form of the communication that indicates how verbal information should be understood and interpreted. I think that it being using in surrounding. It concerns stimuli surrounding the verbal communication that also have meaning. It may be supportive and facial expression. For Example, we often used (x) in mathematics. It represents unknown number. It functions as a formal definition of the function of meta-communication in the communication.

6. Paralanguage Paralanguage may be expressed consciously or unconsciously, and includes the pitch, volume and in some cases, intonation of speech. The study known as paralinguistic. Paralinguistic is a long word and use for the noises people. In school, teacher is often using this to show the agreement – “uh-huh”, “mm”, “uh-oh”, “oh” and so on. They are often useful. For example; like smiling. We will explain about the important main of communication. And decision which may prevent the staff from understanding the information about the lack of bonuses. There are three main barriers to communication. * Emotional Interference-

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