Business Communication Situation And Swot Analysis Essay

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The following paper presents a business communication situation and SWOT analysis of the company "LifePay". It is a technological start-up which has been based in Moscow since 2012. "LifePay" provides service of mobile acquiring for small and medium size businesses. The analysis presents the company when it was just six months old, and the whole communication system was building up. Work in an entrepreneurial environment is a unique experience which required special skills to survive. The environment in startup differs from any other work place. The main characteristics are chaos, rapidly changing conditions, overwhelming schedule, young team, and creative approach to work. Work in startup requires to be stress resistant, open-minded, innovative, self-organized, adaptable to the new conditions, capable of directing projects, and able to learn fast.
Analyzing the climate in the company, it was considered to be warm, friendly, and supportive for most part. It could be also described as nonjudgmental, spontaneous, empathic, and provisional (Zaremba, 2003). The company had about 20 employees who were working in one open space: no walls, no cubicles, just the tables all over the place. The team was from 20 to 35 years old; therefore, everyone tend to feel very comfortable surrounded by young, driven, and like-minded individuals. The young age of the group helped the company maintain an innovative approach, which was essential for the new-born technological start-up. The company…

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