Business Comm Essay

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Business communication

1- Memo: Inside Company
2 -Letter: outside company
-Good letter – bad letter
-Persuasive message: selling things, to help some body 1- Phax: get a crispy message –bad machine. 2- E-mail: haking- not confidential-but advanced –speed (time –zone-barriers) • 3 steps to make a message: planning-writing-completing. • Use “you attitude” as I am here to serve you. • In letter must be: (no racism-no he or she-no bias language-no age-no gender) Chapter 4

1. Letterhead 6.Introduction (body-recommendation)

2. Date
3. References #. 7. Complementary close e.g. sincerely or faithfully yours
4. Name&
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Q. When to minimize or maximize interaction?

A. 1/ When you inform or convey a simple message, the interaction is at minimum (flyers, mobile message).

2/ When you persuade, the interaction increase. 3/it reaches the maximum with collaboration (merge of banks, companies). It depends on the purpose of the message.

Q. When to defer a message?
A.1/you are not the right person to deliver it, e.g. your boss can get better results. 2/the propose is not realistic (economical bad state) 3/the time is not good (key people on vacation) 4/the goal is unacceptable for your organization, e.g.(invent a battery to save electricity when you sell it to people).
N.B. (B.C.): blind copy (C.C.): carbone copy
Q. How to develop an audience profile ?
Analyze your audience before sending any thing. A.1/Identify the primary audience: they are the key people or the decision makers. Try to respond to their concern. 2/Determine the audience size: A report for a wide distribution requires more formal style than a message sent for 2 or 3 people. Make sure to send relevant data because the head of marketing has different needs from those required by the head of production.

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