Essay on Business College Supply Chain Management

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1. For the first time I experienced the convenience of delivery, I became interested in the industry supply-chain management. With the popularity of e-commerce, supply chain management as a profession was practical and most importantly, it is where my interest lied. As a result, my short-term goal is to apply for the entrance of the broad business college supply chain management. Since this profession requires a high GPA, I am supposed to gain a high GPA . To achieve this goal, I commit myself to many extracurricular activities. For the first year, I concentrated on my study with a rigorous attitude. In class, I asked questions actively and participated in each review session. Faced with difficulties, I ask professors for help and did practice exams. On the other hand, I also dedicated myself to extra-curricular activities. Besides, I was bold to try new things and got involved in some of the activities and work related to the supply chain management. I knew that only when I was able to spare no effort to be more excellent in a comprehensive way that I could stand out from the fierce competition.

2. While studying abroad, I once tried to act as a purchasing agent that purchasing goods from the United States and selling to China. I benefited a lot from this experience. On one hand, it could less the financial burden on my parents. On the other hand, I could apply the business knowledge I learned into practice and set up for a small business. Many products were…

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