Essay about Business Climate, Job Security

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In today’s business climate, job security is a risky element of any employment deal. No responsible employer can make such a guarantee of lifetime employment (Carrera & Luss, 2014). Organizational needs and events come and go quickly. Many employees also prefer to jump to a new employer when the time is right. This usually occurs when an employee sees an opportunity to advance their career or increase their pay scale (Carrera & Luss, 2014). Employers have attempted to replace the concept of lifetime employment with something less binding like lifetime employability. Lifetime employability is a promise from an organization to the employees in which they can develop new skills that will make them more valuable for future employment without any implied commitment or continued employment with their current organization (Carrera & Luss, 2014). This satisfies the desire of the employees to forge their own career paths. Organizations which find effective ways to provide workplace rewards and advantages will successfully compete for employees whom are seeking job security without the guarantee of lifetime employment.
Healthcare Ethics Healthcare ethics are a group of moral beliefs, principles, and values which guide us in making decisions about medical care. The sense of right and wrong are at the core of health care ethics. The beliefs are about the rights we possess and duties we owe to others within our population ( ). My understanding of healthcare…

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