Business Case Template Essay

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii

Introduction 1

Using this Template 1

Authority Signatures 2

Executive Summary 3

Phase 1: The Strategic Context 4

1 Business Needs and Desired Outcomes 4

1.1 Strategic Environment 4

4 1.1.1 Organizational Overview 4

4 1.1.2 Business Need 4

4 1.1.3 Drivers for Change 4

4 1.1.4 Business Outcomes 4

1.2 Strategic Fit 4

1.3 Detailed Description of the Business Need 4

4 1.3.1 Problem/Opportunity Statement 4

4 1.3.2 Prioritized Requirements (High Level) 5

4 1.3.3 Assumptions 5

4 1.3.4
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Net Costs 11

Net Present Value 11

Cost-Benefit Analysis 11

Payback period 11

Internal Rate of Return 12

Glossary of Acronyms and Terms 13


This document is your template for producing a McMaster University business case. A business case is a proposal document, often accompanied by a presentation, to an authority body by a Faculty, department or unit seeking funding, approval, or both for an activity, initiative, or project. This template is an adaptation of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Business Case Template customized for McMaster University use.

Using this Template

To create your business case using this template:

1. Delete this page.
2. Replace the title on the cover page with “Business Case:”, the name of your project.
3. Right click on the document header, select Edit Header and replace the [bracketed text] with your project name and delete the brackets.
4. Save your document with a file name of your choice.
5. Right click on the document footer, select Edit Footer and update the file name by

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