Boeing Case Study Business Ethics

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Tahsin Islam
Professor Sollars
Organizational Studies
In 2006, Realogy Holding Corporation headquarters was built right in Madison, NJ. Realogy is a global leader in residential real estate as well as brokerage with all the best known real estate companies such as Better Homes, Century 21, Coldwell Banker and etc. They conduct business in about 110 different countries around the world. Realogy helps people make the right business decision and they rely on five major components to keep their company 's success. The "Value Circle" consists of franchising, settlement, mortgage, brokerage, and relocation. According to their website, Realogy has been recognized to be one of the world 's most ethical companies. They believe in
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The company supports airlines in more than 150 countries around the world. Boeing focus on having a culture within the workplace that enforces openness and accountability as well as leadership and inclusion to keep an ethical and compliant workplace and to build the company 's business. The reasoning behind this ethics program is so they can incorporate ethical decision making into all managers and employees and into all decision involving the business. They also provide employees with tools to address ethic related matters confidentially without having to worry about other workers finding out. The tools and resources Boeing provides are workplace case studies based on real-life events. This way they can get a better understanding and reassurance. They also have meetings that emphasis openness, trust, accountability, and encourage people to speak up without having to fear retaliation. These were just two of the many resources and tools provided to their workers.
Boeing and Realogy have a lot in common when it comes to their ethics program. Just like Realogy, the components mentioned before (leadership, openness, accountability, inclusiveness) Boeing uses these components to ensure longevity and success within their business. Both companies have strong Corporate ethics programs which
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While they are fully committed and aware of performing all their business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. They also believe it is their commitment to operate with integrity that ensures their long term business success. Their code of conduct is available all over the world and in 9 different languages. Boeing also has a Compliance Risk Management Board. The company also has Department of Defense rules and Foreign Corrupt Practice act that protects their employees.
It is clear Realogy and Boeing have many similarities when it comes to their ethics programs. Both companies are doing a fine job and are being recognized for how ethical their companies are. Boe might have a little more emphasis on their ethics programs but they are both enforcing is very similarly and doing business morally.
Although Boe does follow an integrity strategy, compared to Realogy, I think Boe has a more Compliance strategy. I say this because when looking at Realogy 's they ask the question more of what is the right thing to do and they justify that by fairness and decency. Boe also takes this into consideration but they also have a Compliance Risk Management Board and the Senior vice president of the Office of Internal Governance is in charge of this. With this board, it emphasizes the importance of compliance rather than integrity. But both companies still

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