Business Architecture And The Enterprise Architecture Essay

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1.Introduction: Mainly, in every organization enterprise architecture plays an important role because an organization must maintain a plan of its operations of current and future potentially. Importantly, the enterprise architecture provides the information about how the hardware, software, and network work together. Correspondingly, the architecture provides an outline of the organization goals and documentation of the process, the technical implementation which allows the for the organization for developing the system without any difficulty. It has started back thirty years ago where enterprise architecture developed and began to address the important problems like a) system complexity b) poor business alignment. Figure 1-Examples of Leading Enterprise Architecture Models
Indeed, at this point in time, the four methodologies of the enterprise architecture are used and they are A) the Zach man framework for enterprise architecture B) The open group architectural framework C) the federal enterprise architecture D) the Gartner methodology. Consequently, the organization chooses one of the frameworks but the problem is that any of the methodologies can ‘t provides a complete solution for the organization must modify the some of the changes to the framework to meet the organization needs.
The Federal Enterprise Architecture is one of the four enterprise architecture which gives the enterprise architecture of the federal government. Importantly, the federal enterprise…

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