Business And The Fashion Industry Should Not Be Under Fire For Fat Shaming

1292 Words Mar 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Ladies and gentlemen, as the head of the major fashion company Abercrombie and Fitch, I stand before you today to explain why our company and the fashion industry should not be under fire for fat-shaming. Like any other company in the die-hard world of fashion, all of our actions have a reason and purpose behind them. We have the right as an association to market only extra small through large sized clothing and use skinnier models to advertise our apparel. However, to certain people, our fat-shaming actions have made us Benedict Arnold 's to society even though our intent is virtuous. Our fashion company holds strong in the belief that by selling smaller sized clothes and by using healthy models, we can increase the appeal and marketing of our clothing, attempt to tackle obesity in America, as well as influence young adults to make healthy life choices. Like most of you, fashion companies big and small, go through times where money can be tight, and in order to remedy this issue, we had to make a tough decision. To increase the appeal of our clothing we decided to use models who are slim and healthy. An ubiquitous theme in modern society is the trend of being healthy and athletic. A healthy lifestyle is extremely trendy, which causes people to look up to those who have achieved this style of living. We had to make a tough decision. By using slim, athletic models, we are able to appeal to the masses and draw in customers. This allows us to achieve financial security, which…

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