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Cool Moose Creamery

Role: Owner of Cool Moose Creamery, Greig Perantinos * As the owner we have the ultimate decision making power

Issue: Should we purchase a soft-serve ice cream machine for Cool Moose? Is this the best way to continue to grow the business? Should we purchase a single-head or triple-head machine? Should we purchase a new or used soft-serve machine?


Greig Perantino is in his final year of studies at the Richard Ivey School of business and he wants to grow Cool Moose so that it can be a full-time operation for him among graduation. He wants to maintain strong brand recognition as well as a loyal customer base. He is also committed to helping the community, making customers smile and inspiring
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In Alliston, Cool Moose is the only business that offers scooped ice cream. However, Dairy Queen would become a direct competitor of Cool Moose if they were to offer soft-serve ice cream. DQ is a threat to Cool Moose because they are famously known throughout North America for their signature soft-serve ice cream and for excellent customer satisfaction. They also offer a variety of fast-food options that help to increase their sales in the off-summer months.

However, Cool Moose has the opportunity to offer the same soft-serve ice cream treat for a lower price than DQ. This lower price could encourage families, locals and tourists who enjoy soft-serve to switch to Cool Moose given the challenging economic times and recession. Additionally, when tourists go to visit a small town such as Alliston, they may be more willing to try the local ice cream shop to experience part of the small town culture, as opposed to having DQ, which you can find just about anywhere.

Opportunity: Cool Moose has the opportunity to differentiate its soft-serve from Dairy Queen’s by purchasing a triple-head machine that not only makes vanilla soft-serve, but also chocolate and vanilla chocolate swirl. DQ only makes vanilla soft-serve, although they do have the Blizzard, which allows customers to

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