Business Analysis Essay

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Business Analysis Part 1
The company chosen for the business analysis is Humana, Inc. Humana, Inc is a health care company offering a wide range of insurance products from long-term care to well-being. Humana, Inc headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Humana defines their corporate social responsibility stating, “We are dedicated to making business decisions that reflect our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members, our associates, the communities we serve, and our planet” (Humana, 2012)
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis will cover Humana’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, internal factors, and external factors. Humana’s internal factors are the strength and weaknesses of the company. Humana’s
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The Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) provides 180 days of transitional health care benefits to certain uniformed service members and their families (Humana-Military, 2012) Humana has 30 years of experience providing the government with programs that understand the needs of the military personnel. Humana is a fortune 500 company listed at number 79. Humana’s financial key factors reported in Fortune magazine for 2012. Revenues of 36,820 million and 8.8% change from 2010. Profits of 1,419 million 29.1% change from 2010. Their assets are 17,708 million and stockholder’s equity of 8,063 million. Market value as of March 29, 2012 is 15,017 million. The profit change from 2010 in revenues 3.9% assists 8% and stockholders’ equity 17.6%. The earnings per share for 2011 are $8.46 this is a 30.8% change from 2010 with an annual growth rate from 2001-2011 of 28.3%. The total return to investors for 2011 was 61.1% from 2010 with an annual rate from 2001-2011 of 22.3% (CNNMoney, 2012) Humana is one of the 20 biggest stock garners for 2012 in Fortune magazine ranking number seven on the list. Humana’s weaknesses are no plan to grow the business in other countries. Humana has no plans to get into other lines of products. Most of Humana’s competitors have matched Humana’s services and technological edge. The commercial markets are declining because of

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