Essay on Business Analysis : The Textile Industry

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The company is working on the time required for completing the process of manufacturing per unit. The time required depends on the market need and how it should respond to the competitiveness in the market. The issue revolving the textile industry is essential whereby the company seeks to improve in production (Fitz-enz, 2000). Exportation and destination of the product in the international market is essential and should be on the time limit. Therefore, management seeks to improve in the production and transportation of the products to market.
Divestiture, liquidation, and bankruptcy
Divestiture involves reduction of some assets for financial purposes or even sales of the existing business by the firm. The major issues revolving sales of these assets in increasing on the financial position of the firm to target on the improving on the specified targeted dimension. According to the Axil Textile Company, it requires more assets in manufacturing and production of the textile products (Zilka & Bischoff, 2010). Furthermore, marketing should be extensive to reach to the customers demand. Therefore, these department assets cannot be reduced rather required to be increased as an investment.
Liquidation, on the other hand, involves dissolution or bringing part or whole of the company to an end. There are various factors that lawfully contributes to dissolution and termination of the company. On this case, Axil Textile Company has no intention of closing its production…

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