Business Analysis : Fabulous Hotel Signed A Two Year Contract With The Head Chef

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Contracts govern every aspect of our lives whether business, school or home. Adults sign contracts to buy a new car, lease an apartment, start a new job, obtain a student loan and even get married. Contracts are the source document by that promises to deliver a service, money or product. The days where men and women trusted one another and their word was their bond is long over especially in business. There is an old proverb “Better a lean agreement than a fat lawsuit.” (Book of Famous Quotes, 2015, p.1))Contracts set expectations and requirements for each party involved in the transaction. It is supposed to be a document that ensures each participant knows exactly what they are responsible for in the agreement. Communication is an important element in business and yet, many contracts are written in such a way that it is difficult to comprehend all the details involved in the transaction. Contracts serve as the rules of engagement between two contributors. Fabulous Hotel signed a two-year contract with the head chef and ads a clause that the chef cannot work in another hotel in the same city for a period of two years. Analyzing the five elements and the governing source of the Fabulous Hotel contract will ensure both sides of the pact have signed a valid and enforceable contract.
Five Elements of an Enforceable Contract
Contracts can contain thousands of words and although it may be a list of promises it is not a 100 percent guarantee that the promise is legally…

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