Essay on Business Analysis : Cookie Time Ltd

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Cookie Time Ltd. –Business Description
Starting in 1983 when Michael Mayell opened Cookie Time Ltd. in Christchurch in New Zealand (Mayell, 2016). Cookie Time Ltd. is founded on providing more than 20 various types of snack- food products to its customer. According to the 2013 Annual Report, Cookie Time’s turnover was $30 million and it has operated 44 franchises in New Zealand (Harris, 2013). Today, its products are already known as Christmas Cookies and One Square Meal bars around and outside New Zealand. The main target market for Cookie Time includes households and customers who desire healthy food products. Firstly, in every year, Christmas Cookies campaign is targeted at New Zealand households, who are looking for Christmas gifts (Mayell, 2016). Secondly, in international markets, One Square Meal products were already expanded into Australia and the company’s trademark has been well known in Canada, Japanese and U.S. retailers (Greenhill, 2012). The main company’s suppliers consist of Viscount Plastics, which is New Zealand producer of innovative material. Viscount Plastics creates and designs Cookie Time’s containers to be an attractive and highly useful. First of all, Viscount Plastics has distributed and innovated buckets, which have ensured harmlessness on food safety standards (Plastics, 2010). Moreover, it established seamless label and packing in a single by using Fusion technology (Plastics, 2010). The recent technology can increase durability of labels on…

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