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BUSN226 - Marking Rubric – Assignment #1

Your name: ___________________________________________________ Rubric attached to front of assignment | /1 | Cover page and typed page numbers | /1 | Introduction | /4 | Four summaries (if article not different from other group members, summary will not be marked) | /20 | Quote provided within each summary, and proper format for in-text citation appearing after each quote | /8 | RefWorks bibliography, in MLA 7th edition format, showing references for all 4 articles. | /8 | Original articles attached (each article must be different from other group members, otherwise, it will NOT be marked) | /8 | (if submitted after the start of class, -5%, if after class but same day, another 5%,
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ASSOCIATIONS Last year in the month of May, Campbell Soup Co joined the forces association of the National Association of Letter Carriers to Stamp Out Hunger across America. This association provides the assistance to the millions of Americans who are having trouble put food on their tables on a daily basis. This food drive event has been going on for 19 years now and happens every second Saturday in the month of May. This association is proud to have established a program that provides assistance to every community across the United States. The amount of difference it can make is tremendous as it changes lives. Food security is an important basic need. Campbell soup provides postcards that get delivered to homes across America to catch the attention of those who can participate in the food drive. Hunger is constantly a critical issue all around the world. To participate in this food drive, Americans are asked to leave a bag containing non-perishable foods for letter carriers to collect the donations. “Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of high quality foods and simple meals. Their products include soup, sauces, baked snacks and healthy beverages.” (Campbell) Feeding America provides low-income individuals and families with the fuel to live and succeed further by helping them get back onto their feet with the help of just the basic necessity of food.

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