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Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
1. Company Overview 4
2. Mission 4
3. Product and Service 4
4. Keys to Success: 4
5. Objectives: 4
6. Situational analysis 4
7. Marketing strategy 6
8. Financial projections 7
9. Implementation plan 7
10. Evaluation and control metrics 8

Executive Summary
Tokoroa is a small provincial town in South Waikato in New Zealand. In the 1950's the very first movies were screened at the iconic community hall. Since then it has been the heart of movie theatre. The hall was later transformed into Tokoroa 3D Cinema & Time Out Party Lounge in 2010 and since then has grown from strength to strength. Technology upgrade enabled the Cinema take another leap where the
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The candy bar serves customers with affordable snacks. Young adults and children get to utilize the ‘Time Out’ games and thrillers provided at the same venue. The theatre space is also provided on hire for community functions as and when needed. The vision is to be the town's main destinations for day and evening entertainment.
The owner and management have the right skills, expertise and capital to make this theatre succeed. With substantial initial investment for further upgrade by the owners and re-branding awareness, it sees modest profits by year two. This also requires diversification of products and services which are suited to the respective market segments. This then needs to be well positioned in the market through use of mix of marketing and promotion tools. Considering the market demography and landscape, pricing strategy has been well articulated for effective response and uptake by customers.

2. Mission
‘To be the premier family entertainment provider’
3. Product and Service
Tokora 3D Cinema’s main products and service are:
- Cinema entertainment in 3D digital mode. It serves local communities with Latest 2D and 3D Movies;
- Fresh and tasty Candy Bar foods;
- Latest timeout games, high technology games on Cinema Screen; and
- On Screen advertising – social awareness and corporate advertising
- Special Screening for Senior Citizens
- Provide work base training for students and young youths
- Venue for birthday parties,

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