Essay on Business Administration Level 2 Unit One

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Unit one: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment


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Please note that this Assessment document has 8 pages and is made up of 7 Sections.

Name: Sophie Griffith-Allen

Section 1 –
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‘’Our policy aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment. We will treat staff, potential staff and the public fairly and with dignity’’.

6. Briefly explain the benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in a business environment. Your answer should include one benefit for the employer, one benefit for the employee and one benefit for the overall organisation.

Benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in a business environment are:

Employer: Reduces the incidence of bullying and harassment.

Employee: Employees will want to work harder, they feel valued, happier and more efficient. It will increase the chance of open competition for opportunities.

Overall organisation: As employees are treated with equality organisations will be more successful. Helps to maintain morale and motivation of the workforce leading to increased quality of products, overall it will become more of a successful organisation.

Section 2 – Understand the purpose of health, safety and security procedures in a business environment

1. Identify employer and employee responsibilities for health, safety and security.

If possible, provide relevant health, safety and security policies / documents from your workplace (or place of study) to support your answer. These documents should be

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