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Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business


The main focus of this paper revolves around Mia Boutique a new clothing store. The store wants to target the Hispanic community but sees growth opportunities in other communities. The Boutique mission statement is to state the present of the store and the vision is to create a path for the business in the future. The Boutique’s projection is to create customer awareness and eventually have its clothing in every household. Integrity is only one of different values for the guiding principles of the boutique. The mission, vision, and values serve as a guide to the company in creating a strategic direction. To satisfy the customer’s needs the clothing will be of a high
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The owner maintains title to the assets and is personally responsible, generally without limitation, for the liabilities incurred (Keown, Martin, Petty, & Scott, 2005). The owner is also responsible to all profits but most importantly it will also be subject to all looses.
This Boutique sale formal and casual wears. The store will have variety in sizes of clothes from zero to plus size. Different styles such as classic, modern, chick, rocker, and fashion that can be found at the Boutique. A website will also be created and everything that is available on the store will display in images and clothes that aren’t in the store can be ordered. The website will help customers view other clothes and choose a specific color they like. Differentiating the products sold by Mia from its competitors is necessary. The website is definitely a differentiating factor from other clothing stores. Promotions include day specials such as buy one and get one 50% off, bring your old clothes for money, and coupons given for every purchase. Customers will have the opportunity to leave comments and suggestions for the Boutique.
In order for this Boutique to be successful, it is important to target the correct market. The primary target customer is Hispanic females, which will make the largest percentage of customers. The Boutique will be located in the Hispanic community. The secondary target customer is the White community in the area.

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