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1-To deliver financial statements to any chosen organization cooperation for three (or more ) fiscal years.

2-discuss the information shown in the financials over the years focusing on sources of finance been used importance cost, any alternatives recommended.
Financial Statement Analysis Tools:-
Here we take a brief discussion about reading and understanding and interpretation of the Financial Consolidated statement of financial position and the list income- for the purposes of judging the extent to which the objectives of the project is supposed to achieve management of funds between sources and uses of those funds available and balance.
Although the reading and understanding of the process and interpret financial
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And we can summarize the basic tools in the analysis of the financial statements are as follows :. Horizontal Analysis Horizontal Analysis
Cares horizontal analysis studied the changes that occur to the elements of the financial statements of the financial period to another financial period. The sense that he is interested in studying the amounts and proportions of changes, and this of course requires the availability of a set of financial statements comparison Comparative can even measure the amounts and proportions of changes and then reach a conclusion from the analysis of changes. And we can say that the horizontal analysis helps to understand and interpret the trends between financial periods to menu items Vertical Analysis or the relative distribution of the elements of financial statements Common-Size Statement
Cares vertical analysis by measuring the proportion of each element of the financial menu items to a core value in that list is used as the basis for measuring the relative distribution of the elements of the existing financial. For example, can measure the ratio of cash to total assets and inventory to total assets. And so are all the component elements of the budget relative to the total budget. It can of course do another type of relative distribution of a proportion of each element of the

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