Bus Rides Free Of Charge Essay

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Bus Rides Free Of Charge What if bus rides were free of charge to anyone? This question is something some people have considered. Many people hate driving by car everywhere. Other people love to drive themselves to work. Some people cannot afford the gas to drive themselves to work or to the store. Because public transportation allows people to get to their jobs, allows older people the chance to get to stores that they need to get to, and helps gets students to school, public transportation should be free. Public transportation should be free for older people because most old people cannot afford to pay for the ride. According to Catharine Paddock, people over 60 should ride the bus for free and get a free bus pass. "Researchers from Imperial College London, investigated physical activity linked to the use of the bus pass in the over-60s- by analyzing four years of data from a national travel survey" (Paddock). This shows how older people have the right to a free bus ride and pass. A reason why older people should get a free bus ride is some might not have family members to drive them around. For example, their family can be living in a different state or town to far away and they would have to pay for the bus ride. Another reason why older people should get a free bus ride is some of them are disabled and cannot walk or drive themselves. For example, most bussing companies charge the disabled to ride the bus. With free bus rides it will make it easier for older people to…

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