Essay on Bus 642 Wk 1

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Business Research

Elizabeth Kleine

BUS642: Business Research Methods & Tools

Dr. Kurt Diesch

June 17, 2013

When answering questions that require business research, it is important to know what is business research is. Business research is an inquiry or set of inquiry that provides information and understanding about a specific thing which will guide decision makers to make better decisions. Understanding the definition of business research is important because it allows managers to “organize and manage” (Cooper and Schindler, 2011, p. 4) responsibilities. One of the first stages of business research is to translate the research into a business decision over a situation into relevant objectives that
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Depending on the product, a good sales person should expect to receive the majority of their wages from commissions. The applied research would question if there would be enough potential sales to drive the sales force to make more deals in order to gain more money for the individuals, allowing them an unlimited potential amount of money to make. Another question to take into consideration would be if the company is competitive in its salary with other competitors without failing in the business endeavors of the company. A sales force manager makes tough decisions such as implementing a motivation program, but the determination factor of how to act upon this can be intimidating. Creating a motivation program from start to finish can be tiresome and tedious, extending the working hours of the manager past the typical workday. Creating this then becomes the intellectual property of the company, but would allow the manager to reuse this program in the future without having to pay someone else. This program would be tailor-made for the company. The problem the manager may face is how to start the program, where to get resources, communicate the program and basically how to motivate the sales force. By purchasing a motivation program from a consulting firm, the manager has access to this but someone else has done the research and

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