Bus 642 Week1 Essay

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Assignment 1
Ashford University
Business Research Methods & Tools
BUS 642
Dr. Raj Singh

Assignment 1
What is business research? Why should there be any question about the definition of research?
In business, managers need to respond to any issues that may arise in the business. While one may be prone to do this based on past experience, the wiser choice would be to use business research to gather the information to make decisions as business research will increase the likelihood that the solution would make a positive impact. According to Business Research Methods, the definition of business research is the structured questioning which provides information by which to guide wise decisions that maximize the impact of the
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While all research is designed to solve problems there are different types of research based on how quickly action will be taken and a possible impact to the business will happen. Applied research is in response to a widespread problem that is happening in current time. The goal of the research is to find answers and make changes to actions, policies or performance of the business entity. While basic or pure research still is meant to solve problems, the research is outside of the scope of action, performance or policy and is more experimental or theoretical in nature.
If using applied research, the questions would be narrower in scope and may include looking at data such as the sales numbers obtained by commission sales representatives versus those on salary. For instance, at Sears Hardware all hourly associates earn SPIFFS based on selling protection agreements or getting people to apply for credit cards. These same SPIFFS are not offered to salaried associates. Therefore, in applied research one may gather current data on the rates of credit and protection agreements sold by both types of salary and see if there is a significant difference in the rate of acquisition. If there is the policy may change so that SPIFFS to salaried members of management in order to increase sales in those areas as

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