Bus 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11 Essay

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BUS 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11

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Week 1
DQ1: Business Strategy" Please respond to the following:
Select a company to which you have been loyal for several years. Assess the company’s current strategy and the effectiveness of the strategy execution. Suggest a modification that company should make to its strategy and how it may impact the success of the company
DQ 2: "Strategy Planning" Please respond to the following:
Many companies invest substantial resources to the strategic planning process only to put the strategy document on a shelf until the process rolls around the next year. Create an
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Suggest a strategy for Netflix’s to prevent a new entrant into the marketplace and demonstrate its effectiveness. Evaluate any new products in this marketplace and the potential impact to Netflix’s market share
DQ 2:
"Competition in the Movie Rental Industry, Part 2" Please respond to the following:
Evaluate Netflix’s current strategy and determine if the strategy is sustainable. Identify a Netflix strength and suggest how this strength may be leveraged in the marketplace to ensure a competitive advantage. Predict the future of the movie rental industry. Provide support for your prediction.
Week 4
DQ 1: "Business Strategies" Please respond to the following:
Determine the factors that should be evaluated when creating competitive strategy of a business. For each factor, indicate its significance. Provide support for your answer. Evaluate whether or not the business strategy is dictated by the industry or type of business. Provide an example of an industry and your rationale.
DQ 2 : "Panera Bread" Please respond to the following:
Evaluate Panera Bread’s strategy and its effectiveness with executing the strategy within the competitive fast-casual restaurant marketplace. Discuss the pitfalls to this strategy and the potential impact to the performance of Panera Bread. Select one of Panera Bread’s competitors and discuss a disadvantage that Panera has with the competitor

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