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Jet Blue Airways: Analysis of a Company

The airline industry serves not only as a means of transportation to millions of people on a daily basis, but also a huge customer service industry. Customers analyze every aspect of air travel from the food services offered and convenience of completing business transactions, to the airline’s safety results and ratio of on-time departures. Many customers become brand loyal, where others will do business simply based on price. It is also vital to note that, like any company, brand perception plays a large role in the success or failure of a company within the airline industry. Because of the number of individuals impacted when a flight goes awry, it only takes one incident to completely
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that a standalone travel agency would require. Jet Blue started out focusing on providing the lowest rates available; in some cases being as much as 70% lower than its competition (Thompson et al., 2008). With the main terminal operating out of JFK airport in New York, Jet Blue served as a major airline for millions of customers. The airline rapidly expanded over the next few years servicing its millionth passenger in late 2000, its two millionth in April 2001, and its ten millionth in January 2003. The company continued to provide customers with the “home experience” by adding satellite radio and movie channels and soon after began serving Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, all the while expanding its destination list and upgrading its fleet of planes. Finally, in 2007, the company added email and messaging service on its flights. Overall, it was Jet Blue’s mission to provide a convenient, customer experience oriented Airline Company that would allow passengers to enjoy their travel while not breaking the bank. Jet Blue’s organizational culture was founded on five values: safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion. First and most weighted is safety. The company established immediate flight communications systems that would allow flight crews to reach out to land channels in the case of passenger illness or incident. Jet Blue’s website provided pre-flight education for passengers focused on preventing ear pain in flight and deep-vein thrombosis (Thompson et

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