Essay on Bus 520 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1: Employment-At-Will Doctrine

LEG500 – Law, Ethics & Corporate Governance
January 28, 2013

Jennifer, a recent graduate, is unable to learn the computer applications that are basic to her job functions although she has undergone training for several months. When management tries to address the issue Jennifer feels devalued. In an effort to get Jennifer up to speed management should start by reviewing their training process as well as their approach to speaking with Jennifer regarding her inefficient use of the system. According to an article in the International Journal of Business and Management, “Training is a process which is planned to facilitate learning so that people can become more
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Management will ensure the custom training plan is being implemented and recorded daily. Jennifer and the trainer will be responsible for documenting the items they reviewed on the checklist and how well Jennifer understands the functions. 4. Evaluate training material. Management and Jennifer will review her progress and the trainer’s feedback to determine where Jennifer is on the learning curve after 30 days. If Jennifer is showing progress and the trainers feel she is putting forth the effort needed to learn the role the training period will be extended. However, if Jennifer did not progress during this 30 day period and consistently made excuses as to why she was not using the computer applications management should move forward in the steps to terminating her based on the companies’ termination policies.
Management, Behavior, and Performance
Jennifer burst out into a rage when criticized and is often late for work. When management attempts to deal with the issues she threatens a wrongful discharge suit. In order to address Jennifer’s conduct management should stick to the facts and have a well written and enforceable employment handbook. According to an article on an effective employee handbook should include the at-will employee statement, hiring rules, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination clauses, workplace conduct, and disciplinary policy (Thinking Legal, 2009). Management should have a documented conversation with Jennifer

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