Essay about Bus 475 Functional Are Relationship

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Functional area relationship: Riordan manufacturing

BUS\475- Integrated Business Topics

Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan is the largest industry capable of making polymer products. They are proud on their strategic planning and intelligence due to which they are able to make unique products. For the client’s satisfaction, the mission of the company is that the work and processes should be perfect and precise. The unique qualities of Riordan can be analyzed through their way of working in new projects. To fulfill the client’s requirements they work in intensive care environment to make their product perfect. Due to remarkable reputation Riordan is spreading their industry to make maximum products for clients. They have now started to
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It is understood that if company realizes that it has long term relationship with their customers then it will put more efforts on maintaining quality control and avail all resources for reasonable pricing.
Good relationship with their employs is the key to success of any organization. Riordan is satisfying their employs by providing them maximum facilities. The company provides them timely information due to which employees make right decisions. They have briefed all their departments regarding their duties, as financial department know that what decisions should be taken to improve business globally.
As company has shifted their financial department in china, company does not need more improvement because financial department in china is working perfectly. The mission outline also states that work should be done on maintenance in such a way that profit margin should be on priority. Riordan is putting efforts on providing solutions that there will be no arguments by customers regarding their product’s quality.

Organizational Structure
The organization wants to be leaders in making plastic products. Taking this in mind Riordan has set its structure according to its advantages and setback. Due to company’s skilled employees the company is capable of making unique designs of plastic. Its plastic designs have a well reputation in international market. Its unique

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