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BUS 415 Final Exam Solution 30 MCQS
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BUS 415 Final Exam Solution 30 MCQS 100% Original - A+ Work

1) The form of alternative dispute resolution wherein the parties hire someone to review the evidence and make a decision that is binding upon the parties is called

2) The Federal Trade Commission is an example of

3) A corporation is considered a citizen of what state?

4) The Federal False Claims
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When the clerk attempts to give her change for $10, Vicky will claim that the $100 bill that is in the cash register was money she just received for her birthday, and will demand change from a $100 bill. Then Pete and Vicky will split the extra money they think Vicky will receive in change. Is this a valid contract?

14) An easement can be defined as

15) Huey, Dewey, and Louie own a building as tenants in common. Huey lives in the building. Without consulting the other two owners, Dewey deeds his interest in the building to Joe. What will be the outcome of this situation?

16) Which of the following best describes the benefits of a limited liability company (LLC)?

17) Which of the following is true when a general partnership is converted to an LLC?

18) In the Northeast Ethanol, LLC case, the court pierced the defendant's corporate veil after determining that

19) Which comment best describes the alter-ego doctrine in corporate law?

20) If a corporation is properly incorporated in one state and wants authority to do business in second state, the corporation typically must

21) The DEF Corporation is incorporated in Texas. It wishes to do business in Oklahoma. Before DEF can legally do businesses in Oklahoma, which of the following must it do?

23) Which of the following best describes the status of the employment

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