Bus 365 Wk 7 Quiz 6 Chapter 9 - All Possible Questions Essay

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BUS 365 WK 7 Quiz 6 Chapter 9 - All Possible Questions

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Multiple Choice
1. __________ are planning and control systems that capture and record all of the company’s data from operations, and perform the routine transactions needed to conduct business on an ongoing day-to-day basis.
a) Operational information systems
b) Strategic information systems
c) Databases
d) Inter-organizational systems 2. Why did the largest Scandinavian food retailer group, Axfood AB, invest 200 million SEK (20.4 million Euros or US$25.6 million) in an IT platform?
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a) Real-time transactional and POS data.
b) Internal data sales about inventory levels, orders, and customer support.
c) External and internal data that has a one to three year time horizon.
d) External data about the economy, competitors, and business trends. 7. At the __________ level, decisions are made to control the day-to-day activities.
a) operational
b) strategic
c) administrative
d) senior 8. The data requirements of operational-level units are __________ because they depend heavily on standard operating procedures.
a) extensive, unique, and change frequently
b) extensive, routine, and rarely change
c) limited and customized
d) external, unstructured, and constant 9. Data integrity with real-time systems involves __________, which means that if all steps in a transaction are not completed, then the entire transaction is cancelled.
a) atomicity
b) consistency
c) isolation
d) durability 10. Which is not one of the key characteristics of a TPS?
a) Large volumes of data are processed
b) Involves extensive computation complexity
c) Data sources are mostly internal, and the output is intended mainly for internal users and trading partners
d) Involves a high level of detailed raw data 11. Generally speaking, why do organizations automate TPS data entry as much as possible?
a) To reduce labor costs
b) To be able to capture online data
c) For competitive advantage
d) To minimize errors and data entry

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