Bus 365 Week 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 Essay

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Multiple Choice
1. Managers rely on business intelligence, data mining, and the decision support systems in order to minimize __________.
a) business processes
b) inventory loss
c) customer dissatisfaction
d) uncertainty
2. What levels of management can today’s BI vendors’ products and software-as-a-service (SaaS) packages support?
a) tactical or operational
b) strategic, tactical, or operational
c) strategic or operational
d) entry and middle
3. What types or sizes of organization can afford today’s BI
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The term __________ started in the music world, but has been adopted by IT to mean an application that combines data from different sources into a new application.
a) analytics
b) mashup
c) visualization
d) dashboard
10. WildTrack is using a BI data analysis solution from SAS to track and monitor their constantly changing __________, which are endangered African rhinos.
a) accounts
b) inventory
c) raw materials
d) supply chain
11. At Jamba Juice, poor quality data was damaging profits so traditional BI was deployed at the __________ level; and operational BI was deployed at the __________ level.
a) corporate; store
b) transaction; product
c) accounting; marketing
d) strategic; regional
12. __________ BI apps use real-time or near real-time data in order to support line managers who need to monitor performance of his or her business processes.
a) Strategic
b) Operational
c) Tactical
d) Traditional
13. In a tight economy with high interest and unemployment rates, any business project requiring a large financial investment needs to __________.
a) be economically justified
b) be approved by all senior managers
c) provide a competitive edge
d) improve operational efficiency
14. When you need to justify an IT investment, a(n) __________ is required to document your initiative and to move it through the approval and funding process.
a) budget
b) business case
c) ROI
d) payback analysis
15. Which of

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