Essay on Burning Issue : Waste Management

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Burning Issue: Waste Management

According to the Conference Board of Canada, Canada is the world’s predominant per capita municipal waste producer. Canadians have produced more than 1000 kg of waste annually since 2006 (Statistics Canada, 2008: 7). The larger part of this waste is landfilled. With many landfills getting closer and closer to their maximum capacity, the environmental issues they cause and the continuous pressure they put on biodiversity, the need for quick action in this matter has never been more urgent. Waste products are treated in different ways and each of them has benefits and disadvantages. This essay attempts to address few of the most common waste management methods and their relevant ethical and political concerns and suggest efficient solutions to the problems surrounding waste management.

From many years ago humans have come up with different means of waste disposal and recycling. One of which is landfill disposal, the place where most trash is permanently lost. Landfills are not eco-friendly due to a number of reasons. Firstly landfills produce methane which contributes to global warming (Conference Board of Canada, 2013) and they take up large spaces which could be used for more meaningful actions such as tree planting. Many of them are located quite close to residential areas and cause health risks for the residences () . On the other hand, landfills are usually in habitats where different animals and organisms live as well and while they are…

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