burglars on the job Essay

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Burglars On The Job Scott Decker and Richard Wright studied and wrote a book on criminals who make their livings burglarizing people’s homes. They named the book Burglars on the Job. Their study found that most of the criminals that were career burglars stole to further their drug habits. Many of these career criminals were only making a living by stealing from others. In 1893 Emile Drurkheim came up with the original concept of anomie. He studied suicides in Europe and found a condition of normlessness or lack oh norms and called it anomie. Robert Merton borrowed from Durkheims work and came up with the anomie/strain theory. His theory was a way to explain delinquency. He stated that when a person is unable to reach societies set …show more content…
Even though they may feel very bad about burglarizing people they feel that they have no choice so regardless of how they feel they will continue to burglarize. To them it comes down to a choice of either finding a job that will more than likely only pay them minimum wage or maybe slightly more or they can continue to burglarize and make way more money in little to no time. Some of the hustlers who have considered getting legitimate jobs were more worried about only being paid every other week and they reject that idea because most of them would burn through the money to fast and would not get another paycheck for two more weeks. Most of the hustlers want their money now and cannot accept the fact that with a legitimate job they will have to wait to receive their paychecks. The hustler’s ability to budget and save money is pretty much nonexistent. The seasoned burglars in the book showed that what they lacked in formal education they more than made up for it common sense and street smarts. Their targets were not just chosen at random but they were watched close and chosen by the hustlers. The hustlers would pick someone that they liked and would follow and watch them. They would learn as much as they could about their victims such as when they leave the house and come back, their habits, and would scoop out their home to make sure they would have valuables worth stealing. They would come up with certain plans to burglarize the house and would know exactly what

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