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How Burger King motivates its people to perform their jobs?
The dissertation investigates the issues of employee motivation in Burger King and McDonald's exploring the factors that influence employees' commitment to work, the perceptions and attitudes of subordinates in Burger King and McDonald's toward management, the expectations and preference of fast food restaurants' staff towards their managers, etc. Literature on the theories of motivation is reviewed. The methods of the research are based on the primary data obtained form focus group interview and questionnaires, and secondary data collected from text books, newspapers, journal articles and the Internet. Conclusions are made about the factors that can influence the motivation of
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But in Burger King Store, every manager use their own management techniques, some managers are stiff and some are easy. And some use the both the hard and soft techniques of management. In fact, there is the mixture of lay back (laissez- faire) and autocratic styles leadership.
Burger King�s has achieved the status of one of the most recognizable franchises across the globe through a mixture of successful marketing, consistent service and product, and strong leadership. Burger King mainly uses the goal oriented and task-focused leadership styles that still exists in the corporation today.

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Corporate Motivation
The Burger King Corporation is a huge multinational entity with stores in countries around the world. It has thousands of employees to keep track of and hundreds of managers doing just that. How then, can it maintain all this and still be a success? The answer is a program Burger King has developed called 'BK Our Way'. In their 2009 Fiscal Corporate Responsibility Report, Burger King describes this program as "a series of leadership and team building exercises, both at the corporate level and the restaurant level". In essence, what it is, is a top down strategy to train managers from corporate on down to the individual store and instill the skills necessary to build highly effective teams, that are cohesive and work together to

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