Essay on Burger King vs Scientific Management

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cientific management was a theory developed by Frederic Winslow Taylor(1856-1915) who was named “the father of scientific management”. Scientific management is a theory that indicates each worker should be trained in one specialized part only to simplify the jobs so they could perform at their best ability in order to increase productivity. After years of experiment and examining in the field of management, Taylor proposed four principles of scientific management.

(Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)) state that the first principle of scientific developed by Taylor was to replace rule –of-thumb work methods with methods based on a scientific study of the task. This showed that introducing
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They give orders to restaurant in their control area when to promote their newest product, when and how to pay their employees, regularly checking the quality of their product in each restaurant and each restaurant will perform the orders given to improve their productivities. Inside each restaurant, there is a store manager who will take the orders from the head quarter and deliver it to the members in the store. From there, each manager in each specialized area will perform the order given. For example, the store manager set a order for the closing manager tonight to clean all the walls and windows, the closing manager will take this order and deliver it to the crew who is working on his shift. He will give each one of them a specialized job to do to increase productivity. Also every crew in the restaurant have their specialized part of the job. For example: there are crews making burgers, some crews are taking orders, some are washing dishes and some will clean the restaurant dining area. This well illustrates the principle of divide equally between managers and workers so the managers can apply scientific management to the workers at their control.

Burger King also applied the principle of cooperating with the workers so the scientific management theory are being followed. Everyday, there will be managers cooperating with crews at all times. This not only will help to increase productivities as the managers can give orders to crews to do the need

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