Burger King Swot Analysis Essay

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The entire world knows the “golden arches” logo. This logo represents a fast-food restaurant chain that has served meals to billions of people all over the world. McDonald’s started out as a small Bar-B-Q joint on the corner of E street and Fourteenth in San Bernardino, CA. The original restaurant was “a typical drive-in featuring a large menu and car hop service.” McDonald’s (2016). Nowadays, they have a wide spread menu which contains food from breakfast to dinner. They just recently implemented their all-day breakfast menu, which is one of their most popular portions for their organization. For many years, they only served breakfast until 11 o clock A.M. This changed to help create more sales and help against other competitors who were starting to steal the breakfast market, such as Taco Bell and their oldest rival Burger King. Burger King’s breakfast menu has been inferior to McDonald’s since they came out with the menu but still Burger King is a very fierce competitor in the fast-food restaurant game. Taco Bell …show more content…
Every company conducts or at least should conduct a SWOT Analysis to see what their plans are both internally and externally. “Strengths and weaknesses are the "internal" aspects of the traditional SWOT analysis. Whenever something—or someone—is reviewed or assessed, it makes sense to point out the good points or what was done well, as well as the areas that need improvement.” Abraham (2012) Sec 5.2, Par 2. McDonald’s has numerous strengths which can be proved by simply looking at Forbes brand values which shows McDonald’s as one of the valuable in the world. “Interbrand and Forbes value the brand at US$39.8 billion and US$39.5 billion, respectively.” Jurevicius (2016). Not only are they a popular brand (the golden arches), but they have international income streams from all over making them very

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