Burger King Creative Brief Essay

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Burger King
Client Brief

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KJFaubert Agency
Kathryn Faubert

01 Nov, 2013
Marketing Information
Market Profile (Background/Overview)

Burger King is one of the largest fast food restaurants retailing chain. The company is recognized for its signature Whopper burgers, which are sold through more than 12,512 restaurants globally (Quest to reverse slumping sales). Burger King has recently been overtaken by Wendy’s, losing its second place within the hamburger market. Consumers are looking for better quality food and are willing to pay extra. Burger Kings competitors have been taking an advantage of this trend and emphasis their menu on quality and freshness.

Brand Profile

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Positioning Strategy Statement

For busy people that need healthier food options, Gratifries is 40% less fat and 30% fewer in calories that satisfy your need to indulge without the guilt.
Competitive Profile

Mc Donald and Wendy’s are the major competitors in the fast food industry. The consumers are responding to healthy alternatives and quality food. Wendy’s has overtaken Burger King’s second position in the hamburger market.
Target Market Profile
To whom are we talking to?

Young males that are heavy fast food users
Families that are busy balancing schedules
Health conscious teens/adults

Advertising Objectives

To increase brand awareness
Continue communicating with the audience to increase brand awareness Billboard, Television Commercial, Radio, In-store advertising

To alter perceptions currently held by consumers about Burger King
Change the perception that Burger King is unhealthy

To present a completely new image for Burger King
Create a positive image for Burger King. Burger King is healthier than the leading competitors.
To launch a new product into the marketplace
Launch a new product called Gratifries into marketplace

To attract a new target market to a brand
To attract Canadian families which are looking for healthier food options but aren’t totally willing to give up the fast food

To create trial or to encourage action
“A program that will

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