Essay on Bureaucracy

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The Effect of Horizontal Differentiation of the Organization
Spencer Meek
Unit lll
July 12, 2014

Centralized organizations are those in which most of the decision making occurs by a few people at the top of the hierarchy which is why the hierarchy begins to emerge when signs of problems with coordinating and motivating employees within their organization. This will then create a top-down management structure where the managers strongly control the direction of the workplace by using their quick decision skills and supervision. However with an organization that has a decentralized structure, this will allow greater decision-making along with authority at a lower organizational level. With decentralization there will be less direct
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Informal organization will affect not only individual behavior but group behavior as well. This will result with an altering of the formal structure disrupting informal norms which make up the organizational work. Although it could actually enhance the company’s organizational performance mainly from the many accomplishments that had been passed through the informal network and not revealed through the formal hierarchy.
Bureaucracy can and will become a problem within an organization. It will become a problem when management tends to fail to control the development of the organizational hierarchy. If members rely only on the rules then they will become non-responsive to the stakeholders needs. According to Max Weber, there are six principles in which distribute responsibilities and authority in order to maximize their company’s effectiveness. The first principle is that of a person’s authority which is due to a position within the organization and showing that power should be separate from personality. Principle two suggests roles determined by technical competence and requires that management see’s all potential candidates objectively. Principle three is the role’s responsibility and decision making relationship to that of another’s role within the organization while suggesting that a clear pattern of both vertical and horizontal differentiation will be needed for effectiveness. Principle four is straight forward as each

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