Bureaucracy And The Bureaucratic Process Essay

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One of the basic principles of a society is a government. Governments create rules for daily interactions such as trade, transportation and working regulations. Ranging from monarchies to autocracies, government have risen and fallen in and out of power. One of these governmental systems, democracy, has been favorable since its creation in ancient Rome, the implementation of democracies have spread throughout the world. Even in countries such and the United Kingdom that still have reigning monarchs, citizens are able to take part in the democratic process through the election of representatives for parliament. A fundamental aspect of a democracy is bureaucracy and the bureaucratic process. In modern society, bureaucracy has become known as a slow inefficient process. Although many individual feel this way, bureaucracy is necessary for a government to carry out the will of the people and meet the needs of its citizens. The term was first implemented by Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay in 1745. First applied to government officials, the term bureaucracy soon became associated with the structures that allow governments to run such as the creation of ministries, bureaus, and departments. A bureaucracy consist of an established hierarchy, written rules of governance, salaried fulltime employees, a division of task and the separation of means of productions. These elements help to make the process run as smoothly as possible to allow the masses to benefit from the…

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