Bullying: Similarities And Differences

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Frequently, people encounter bullying in an early age. They get treated a certain way in school or in their neighborhood by their appearance, personality, and religion. These people that are getting bullied are considered to be different because of height, weight, weakness, and socially challenged (Gordon, 2014). These people who are bullying find bullying to be fun and entertaining, in some way makes them feel good for what they do to these individuals who are in the category of being different. For example, when I was in seventh grade which was in 2007. I saw bullying occurring right in front of my eyes. I saw two kids getting bullied because they looked different then all of us, their clothes had no brand that was known by everyone else …show more content…
Cyberbullying is any type of bullying that involves anything electronically. It includes abusive or hurtful messages either in public or private media. When you see a bully you usually think they are people that are mean and cold hearted but there is many reasons why a bully is a bully. According to, (“Why do People Bully | No Bullying | Anti Bullying Information Center-NoBullying.com,” n.d.) people bully to feel power, misunderstanding differences, craving attention, a reflecting on family life, and a reflection of their own self-worth. In today’s society people like to be in power of another person, they constantly like being in charge. Bullies do not know how to handle differences between people. For example, if you are great in a sport and another kid goes to try out and they aren’t as talented as you or even sport oriented there will most likely get bullied because there is a difference but that bullying can be solved with education and …show more content…
Low self-esteem is a big cause to kids that bully, they get hurt by their peers and parents and they bully other people in attempt to feel better about themselves. Today, teachers, administration, Obama, etc. they are all trying to get the word out that bullying is not the right path to take and they have taken many steps into solving this matter. In schools there is about a 70.6 percent of teens that have seen bullying occurring at their schools (“Bullying Statistics 2014,” n.d.) so schools had to take action because that number was extremely high so they started by adding a toll free number called Silence Hurts where any student can call anonymously and tell them what bullying they have seen or what is occurring to them so they can take action at school. Schools have recommended and been showing videos to their students on bullying and if it is occurring to go and speak to an adult because they show the consequences and they see people actually have killed themselves because they were too hurt getting bullied and no longer wanted to live. There has been movies like “Cyberbullying” that was played in MTV. There is also commercials that show in the television that bullying isn’t

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